You'll finally enjoy meetings again

Meetings are the new plague. They fill every crack of your workday and leave you with no time for real, valuable work. Connect your calendar with Supercal and let it optimize your meetings.
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Houston, we have a meeting problem

Everyone is short of time nowadays. And meetings are to blame.

We've let them creep into every available slot in our calendar. I used to think this was normal. But then I realized there had to be another way - one where your time is respected and you're able to produce valuable work.

Supercal is the outcome of years of studying and applying meeting best pratices. It automatically  shortens, reschedules, cancels, and keep smeetings on track, so you can make the most out of your time.
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Cut back on meetings without the awkward explanations

Try to implement meeting best practices, and you'll face resistance from other people. Shift the focus to Supercal, and they'll greet your newfound efficiency with open arms.
Automatically shorten meeting time.
Force meetings to have an agenda, or they'll be canceled.
Find out where your productive time is being wasted on.

Robots won't steal your job. They'll make it easier.

Connect your calendar, set up rules, and invite Supercal to your meetings. And that's it, really. You don't have to do anything else.
Define rules for your meetings.
Let Supercal run in the background as your assistant.
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How it works

Connect Google Calendar to Supercal
Set up rules for better meetings
Invite Supercal and it'll optimize your meeting

Turn your calendar into a Supercal

Start the day feeling excited for meetings.
"I used to struggle with too many meetings. Supercal helps you recover lost time and bring back deep work into your routine."
Diogo, Founder of Supercal
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