End the day without feeling drained from meetings

Let people book meetings with you according to your energy levels and routine, instead of whenever there's a slot available in your calendar.

  • Batch meetings together so you have more time for deep work;
  • Display inconvenient times to meet and let attendees know about it;
  • Suggest times and days that you prefer, such as Tuesday mornings or Wednesday afternoons;

"Another day full of meetings"

It's the end of the day and you feel exhausted, your head hurts, and you feel like you've done zero valuable work. This sucks.

The problem is you're adapting to your calendar, not the other way around. And this is hurting your wellbeing and productivity.

Science proves this hurts. In a HBR Study 64% of inquirees said "meetings come at the expense of deep thinking". And after a meeting, you need you need an average of 23 minutes to regain focus. But you didn't need studies to know this. It's time to fix your meeting problem, with Supercal.

There's a better way. One that respects your time.

Send your Supercal link to others and cut back on meetings. They see your availability and how convenient that time is for you.

They assume every available slot is worth the same

Supercal suggests times based on how your day and week looks like

When it comes to cutting back on meetings, Supercal is like a chainsaw.

Block meetings without proper agendas, suggest preferred times to attendees, batch meetings, and more. It's lumber season.

Meeting Rule
Batch meetings together
Meeting Rule

Request an agenda

before booking

Meeting Rule

Limit the number of meetings

per day

Meeting Rule

Limit meeting time

per day

Meeting Rule
Suggest certain dates or times
Meeting Rule
Block days of the week from meetings

Works for internal

and external meetings

Let others schedule when it's convenient to you, not them.

Not every hour is worth the same. Define what your ideal days looks like, and Supercal will suggest ideal meeting times based on that. You can set rules like:

⚫️ "No more than 3 hours of meetings per day".

⚫️ "Ensure I have 2 hours of deep work every day".

⚫️ "Try to keep all meetings on a few days instead of spread out through the week".

Chat Bubbles showcasing the problem with meetings
Chat Bubbles showcasing the problem with meetings

Efficient meetings on autopilot.

Connect your calendar, set up rules, and share your Supercal link. And that's it, really. You don't have to do anything else.

⚫️ Supercal checks best times to meet.

⚫️ Optimize existing meetings by sharing your Supercal link.

The pain is real. See what others say about Supercal

It's safe to say people are waiting for a better way. This is what the first users had to say about Supercal:

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